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Bike for Binayak

A Cycle rally in Bangalore demanding the immediate release of Dr Binayak Sen.

After a decade into the 21stcentury, in India we are still ruled and governed by archaic laws, which were parting “gifts” from our colonial masters. While the entire civil laws need a fresh look and a democratic revamp, it is the law of sedition which impinges on the basic rights of all people that needs immediate drop from the statutes of law. read more

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Social & Progressive Poetry

Poem: Him, and Our Duty

A brief story-

About a journey to glory.

Of an humble and unattended birth,

Transcends into a model for the entire earth.

A fight against poverty,

A conflict to depose tyranny,

A struggle for the common man,

Opposed by the notorious, rich and the powerful clan. read more

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Jammu & Kashmir

The Kashmir I saw

I only came to Kashmir few months ago from Chennai to do a media course. This is my first visit to Kashmir, so naturally, the picture I had of Kashmir in my mind, prior to it, was one that was shaped by the usual portrayals of Kashmir carried on by the mainstream media, across India. But what I saw here, in Kashmir, gave a surprise jolt to all my views and ideas. read more

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Youth Speak

Darwin: The Origin of Species

Charles Darwin’s ‘The Origin of Species’, first published in 1859, was one of the most influential works of the last Millennium. It is also one of the most controversial works ever produced. Hence it becomes imperative to understand the politics behind those controversies and most importantly the theory behind those controversies, which had a profound influence on the earth science and modern thought in general. read more