Jammu & Kashmir

Silence in the Valley


Becoming a rock-star is a dream many students and youth in India have nowadays. But for the three talented girls in Kashmir Valley, the dream will forever remain a dream. In the backdrop of the fatwa on the first Kashmiri all-girls band – Pragaash, which has hit headlines lately, the girls are today scared for their lives. Dukhataarn-e-Millat – a right wing, vigilante women’s outfit – have called for a social boycott of the band forcing all the three girls to go into hiding. read more

Youth Speak

International Student Exploitation – Australia

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT MARCHFor the last several years, Indian students have viewed Australia as a favourable destination for education. The universities, high standard of living and PR qualifications were very attractive for people who are looking for a better education or a better life. But despite the stories told about how easy it will be for foreign students to get work and get by, the overall picture is not as bright. read more

Jammu & Kashmir

Bangalore- Demonstration against Human Rights Violations

More than hundred students of the St Joseph College (Bangalore) gathered to mark their solidarity with human rights issues ranging from free Tibet to their solidarity with Sharmila Irom and all other human rights violations from across the globe. This included a long rally from the College campus to Town Hall. The authorities tried drive away the demonstrators in spite of the permissions. However the students did not give up and stood their ground in front of Town Hall for two hours in heavy rain. Activists, faculty members and students attended the rally and speeches were made by different activists and students raising their voice against human rights violations. read more

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Pune: Public Campaign Against FDI in Retail & Fuel Price Hike

In view of the recent decision of the government to introduce FDI in retail & increase in fuel price and limiting LPG cylinders per households, the New Socialist Alternative (Pune Branch), held a campaign exhibition on 2nd October at Shaniwar Wada displaying posters and placards detailing the impact of these reforms. We decided to hold this poster campaign after a public meeting/ discussion on 30th September on FDI in retail and fuel price hike, were between 15-20 people attended. read more

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Life in a Private College

The following article is written by Protap Debnath (a member of New Socialist Alternative CWI-India) and a student currently studying Fashion Design course in a college in Tirupur (Tamil Nadu). This article is about his experiences on the problems/ issues faced by him and many others in private colleges all over India, as the sole motive of these colleges is all about profit and very little to do with providing them proper amenity or quality education. read more