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Right Wing Assault on Science

The political trend in many countries across the globe has seen a surge in right wing policies being championed by bigoted leaders under facades of romanticising the past, and false promises vowing to bring back the mythological ‘glorious days’. This trend can be seen across the globe be it the US or India. The so called leaders propagate twisted versions of history and use the mass media at their disposal to promote the same. In their pathetic attempt to glorify the past, these leaders have declared a silent war on the scientific community of the world. The developments that took place through tedious research and the lessons formulated from studying the previous blunders are belittled.

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Hindutva Attack on Science

Indian Science Congress Association was formed in 1914, and holds it’s meet in the first week of January every year. However this year for the first time in its history it held a session on Scientific practices in ancient India, which roughly covers the period from 2000BC to 500AD. The session had talks on Engineering applications of ancient Indian Botany that rather remarkably started with an attack on contemporary medical research by claiming how ancient Indian doctors claimed cancer cells were present in every human body and how today we do not even understand diabetes properly!

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