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Editorial: India and Pakistan conflict

Politicians use terrorism for their own ends

Once again, terrorist carnage – this time in Mumbai in India – has shocked working people around the world. In a thoroughly planned and financed operation, a group of right-wing Islamic terrorists turned buildings and streets in Mumbai into a killing field, slaughtering and injuring innocent people, with dozens of Muslims among them.

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Defeat the terror of communalism and capitalism

The horrific terror attack in Mumbai on 27 November must be condemned on all counts. It took place at the usually crowded CST railway station and six other prime locations killing at least 140 people (the figures are likely to reach 200 or more) and injuring hundreds. The “Deccan Mujahidin” an unknown Islamic terror group, has claimed responsibility.

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World Social Forum – Mumbai

TWO YEARS ago, it was a big thing when the then ‘socialist’ French government sent a delegation to the World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. At this year’s event in Mumbai, attended by 80,000 people, ministers were no longer a sensation. With the Communist Party of India – Marxist (CPI-M) as one of the main organisers, the event was opened and closed by VP Singh, formerly both finance minister and prime minister of India. In fact, he introduced neo-liberalism into the country. Today, he has left the mainstream Congress party and is used by India’s two ‘Communist’ parties as a hired leader. They want him involved so that they can put themselves forward as a ‘secular front’ against communalism.

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Bomb blasts in Mumbai

Nine bombings in as many months, almost 100 people dead, and some 200 injured: Bombay is in the midst of … the longest-running terror offensive any major Indian city has ever encountered…” (Editorial in ‘The Hindu’, 26 August 2003).

The twin bombs that rocked Mumbai (Bombay) on the 25th of August are the second this year and the worst since the 1993 blasts, which triggered ghastly communal riots in which hundreds of Muslims were killed.

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