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Statement on the Current Political Situation

This statement on the current situation was issued at the end of the two day National Meeting at Pune on 1st & 2nd October. The meeting was attended by key comrades from three functioning branches of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) active in Bangalore, Chennai & Pune. Comrades from the International Secretariat, CWI-Sri Lanka and CWI-Malaysia also participated in the meeting.

Economic Recap

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Stop the Hindutva Vigilantism

This event was organized by Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns – Bangalore which includes the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)

A very united and spirited show of solidarity by many, Student’s & Dalit organisations, Political Groups, Women organisations and many prominent progressive personalties against the dastardly police attack on the Students of Hyderabad University who are seeking Justice for Rohit Vemula who was a victim of Casteist conspiracy. The Protest also condemned the Hindutva Vigilantism which has gone on a spree of lynching and killing people especially the Muslims in the name of Cow protection. The gathering also extended Solidarity with Honda Workers of Rajasthan who are fighting for basic Workers Rights to form a Union and abolition of Contract Labour practice. Meeting was addressed by many representatives who were highly critical of the Modi administration which is showing its true colours on all sections of people through its draconian policies and has unleashed an undeclared EMERGENCY to coerce people.

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Belgium: In Solidarity With JNU

A demonstration was organized in Antwerp on 4th March in solidarity with the protesting students of JNU and the jailed student activist leaders in India. People from multiple ethnicities and backgrounds, from Indians, Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Sri Lankans to Belgians, demonstrated against repression of students and their democratic voices by the right-wing BJP-led government in India. The comrades participated in the protest in spite of heavy rains in Belgium. The protest was supported by LSP, Tamil Solidarity, and progressive Kashmiris.  

The repression of students in JNU by the communal forces of the BJP-RSS is a continuation of the BJP-RSS attack on secular, progressive and democratic elements in the country. The jailing of JNU students was preceded just weeks earlier by the murder by suicide of Dalit student Rohith Vemula by the HCU administration at the behest of the HRD ministry. The past 20 months of the BJP government has seen protests from people all over India – farmers (against land ordinance bill and continuing agrarian crisis), workers (against neoliberal policies), students (against cuts in education and crushing of dissent), and secular forces (against communal attacks).

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