Myanmar: ‘Ethnic cleansing’ of Rohingya causes worldwide outrage

What was a slow-burning conflict between the government of Myanmar (Burma) and the Rohingya people of Rakhine, has escalated in the last three weeks into a major humanitarian crisis. More than 400,000 people fled the country towards neighbouring Bangladesh. Tens of thousands have been trapped in a rain-soaked no-man’s land without food, shelter or medical aid. Hundreds of thousands are struggling to survive in make-shift camps in Bangladesh. New-born infants perish along with the frail and elderly. read more


Palace Coup at Infosys

The hypocrisy of the capitalist class stands exposed once again through the boardroom brawl for control over India’s major tech service giant, Infosys. The events in the past weeks laid bare the power struggle between the founders, board members and the executives which usually happen behind closed doors. These events need to be discussed to expose the two facedness of these elite capitalists. The working class burdened by their everyday struggle may not have paid attention to these events, but it is all the more important to understand the hypocrisy of these corporate executives. The recent Infosys fiasco is the second one in a major corporate company this year after the spat in Tata groups, between Ratan Tata and then CEO Cyrus Mistry. The reason for these feuds given, in both the cases is more or less the same; loss of confidence in the governance of the administration. In simpler words, ‘We don’t like the way you are running things’. read more

Bank workers strike

Support 22nd August Bank Workers Strike – Build for a General Strike

The Bank workers of India are going on a one day strike at an all India level on 22 August ‘17, this collective action comes at a crucial juncture of India’s political, economic and social life. In fact this is the second time (the first one was February ‘17) since Demonetisation that the Bank workers have declared their defiance against economic policies of NDA/BJP regime led by Modi. read more

Hindutva Terror

Whose cow is it anyway? That of Brahmin-Baniya or farmer’s?

In last two years, cow politics has been turned into a burning issue by the ruling BJP. Recent ban by central government on sale of cattle in animal markets for slaughter has further polarised the issue. While farming community in the country is in acute crisis as reflected by recent agitations across multiple states, hindutva forces are turning more violent in the name of protecting ‘the holy cow’. read more