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We were part of the History in the Making!

Thank you comrades & friends, #ResistTrump event in Bangalore was a phenomenal success. We would specially thank the following who made this #ResistTrump special & unique by sending voice & mail messages to be played and read out at the protest venue in Bangalore. Binu Mathew (Editor Counter Currents, Kerala), B.Buresha (Cine Director and Theatre Dreamer from Bangalore Karnataka, Who organises Workers in Entertainment Industry of Karnataka, Supporter and Sponsor of Rs.100/- an hour Minimum Wage Campaign) Fiona O’Loughlin

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Resist Trump Globally
Imperialism goes more uglier!!

New Socialist Alternative, in solidarity with our counterpart Socialist Alternative in the US and Committee for a Workers International worldwide, is in the forefront of organizing and mobilizing forces for the #ResistTrump in cities across the world. We fervently appeal to the trade unions, left forces, Dalit & Adivasi militant organizations, women’s group, student & youth organizations, oppressed minorities to join us in resisting Trump and be prepared for the future struggles that will ensue. Please click on the image below to download the leaflet.

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General Strike 28th November – Modi has failed the people, Must go!

The tyranny of Modi’s regime have brought untold miseries, deaths and uncertainties to the already languishing millions and millions of people in India. The ‘so called’ demonetisation of the 86% of the currency in use, has virtually brought the economy into a stand still, with more than 100 million people queuing up the banks and ATM’s everyday and more than 100 million working people particularly in the informal sectors losing their subsistence. This crude authoritarian gimmick of Modi has failed, it has failed the people and it failed hopelessly!

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Statement on the Current Political Situation

This statement on the current situation was issued at the end of the two day National Meeting at Pune on 1st & 2nd October. The meeting was attended by key comrades from three functioning branches of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) active in Bangalore, Chennai & Pune. Comrades from the International Secretariat, CWI-Sri Lanka and CWI-Malaysia also participated in the meeting.

Economic Recap

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