Patent Laws Kills Patients

Right to Life & Big Pharma!

The U.S. visit of Narendra Modi and his high profile meet up with some of the most vicious corporates and their influential lobbies brought up the issues of patents and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) into the media glimpse. Even the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi recently at a rally in Haryana, said that cancer medicines have got costlier after Prime Minister Modi met with big pharma officials during his visit to the United States; although this was vehemently denied by the ruling BJP. read more


Bangalore – Garden or Garbage City?

A crisis that was in the making for a long time & now both the city administration (BBMP) and the state government is clueless on how to solve the garbage crisis that has gripped the city for over two months now (so much so that it has now made it to the New York Times!). It is not as if there is no solution at hand and the government has after tremendous pressure taken a few steps, but the magnitude and the scale of the crisis is just too overwhelming to be solved in a few days time. read more

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Chennai: Nurses Strike Movement ends in Victory

Photo: The Hindu

Taking inspiration from nurse strikes in Kerala, Maharashtra and other parts of the country, nurses from leading private hospitals like Apollo, Fortis and Madras Medical Mission in Chennai went on strike on 2nd March to demand for their basic rights. After a week of uncompromising struggle, the nurses succeeded in winning all their main demands.

Too little to live on read more