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Capitalist Globalisation & India

Bailout for Kingfisher ?!!!

Cartoon by Satish Acharya

No Bailouts! It must be ‘Jail -In’ to these corporate robbers

The recent bailout plea by the liquor baron and promoter of Kingfisher airlines – Vijay Mallya seeking government intervention could not have looked more humiliating for the ‘the king of good times’. Only the king has fallen on bad times and all of his own making. If we strictly stick to the free market philosophy of no government intervention or oversight over the industry and a free rein over the market, then Kingfisher airlines should be allowed to fail. read more

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Editorial: Dudiyoraa Horaata (Workers’ Struggle)

(Bi-monthly Kannada Paper of the New Socialist alternative)

Recently certain authorities from the ministry of finance, who thought very clever of themselves, by stating that the situation of poverty in India is not as bad as claimed by the Arjun Sengupta committee on unorganized workers and that the living wages of the poor has actually increased! According to Sengupta committee report (2007), more than 77% of the Indian population lived on less than Rs. 20 a day. But the sycophants of the World Bank, IMF and WTO to sideline the committee report have gone on record stating that the urban poor today live on Rs. 35 a day and the rural poor around Rs. 20 a day. read more

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Capitalist Globalisation & India

Cash instead of food!


A ploy to deceive the poor and enrich the profiteers

One year after setting up of the 2nd National Advisory Council (NAC), the brainchild of the Congress President Sonia Gandhi (whose is also the chairperson of the NAC) , which is sort of a engagement between the government and civil society on revival of basic social services and rights of marginalized groups, the recent government draft proposal on the National Food Security Bill constitutes a betrayal from the stated goal of universalization of Public Distribution Service (PDS) and in effect dismantling the existing system. The extreme ineffectiveness and inadequacy of the current system notwithstanding, the government draft favoring direct cash transfer instead of the current system of providing certain essential food commodities (at subsidized rates) such as rice, wheat, sugar, cooking oil, kerosene through the fair price (ration) shops, is in tune with the government’s aggressive line on neo – liberal reforms and further slavishly toeing the agenda of the World Bank and IMF through targeting. read more

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Capitalist Globalisation & India

Jagadish Chandra’s Speech at an official hearing in the EU Parliament on the topic ‘The rise of national conflicts and religious tensions in Asia and Africa’

Dear Chair, comrades and friends

first of all I would like to thank the Confederal Group of the European United Left for inviting me to this hearing.

I am a Trade Unionist, from India representing the Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns- Bangalore and PPSS (Anti Posco Struggle) in Orissa. read more

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Capitalist Globalisation & India


Demand people-friendly and environment-friendly development

The chief minister of Karnataka has announced that the two-day global investors meet in Bangalore will bring in Rs 3 lakh crore of investment as well as around 300,000 new jobs.

False Promise of Investment and Job Creation

As per government data the total FDI approved in Karnataka between 2000- 2010 is around 30,000 crores and the actual amount invested less than that. So how will 3 lakh crores be realised in 2 days, if the last 10 years brought in only 30,000 crores? Further , the 3 lakh crores were supposed to bring in 3 lakh jobs. Now if the actual amount will be much lesser, how many jobs actually get created? Also,here 1 job is being created for an investment of 1 crore (3 lakh crores = 3 lakh jobs) However, for the same 1 crore which is invested in the small and Medium Industries , 20 jobs can be created. read more