Capitalist Globalisation & India

India Inc…!!! A boon or a bane? When and what will be our wakeup call?

king4The following article is written by K Khan, an IT employee and a member of All India IT Employee Association (AIITEA). With the crisis ridden Kingfisher airlines still trying to stay afloat thanks to government inaction and continuing delays in employees salaries that have led to strikes, this article looks at the lack of unionization of workers in these corporatized sectors and the urgent need to form unions in the face of economic downturn. read more

Capitalist Globalisation & India

48- Hour General Strike – Down with FDI in Retail
Strike against Neo-liberalism & Capitalism

48-hour General Strike 20 and 21st February 2013

Way forward for the Working People

Our Class has unequivocally opposed the neo-liberal reforms set in motion aggressively from 1991 to this day. We have struck 14 times through General Strikes against these “reforms” which are nothing but increased poverty and penury for the vast majority of the working people of this country. Yet the ruling regime, firmly in the grip of MNC’s, Capitalists and their Mafiosi Media is galloping in full steam to dismantle every brick and stone of the Welfare State edifice that was envisioned in the Constitution of India. read more

Capitalist Globalisation & India

Paul Murphy (MEP) on Caste Discrimination & Impact of FDI in Retail

The following video is the intervention of Paul Murphy (MEP)- Socialist Party (Ireland) in the European parliament on the issue of caste discrimination suffered by Daliths in India and the impact of neo-liberal reforms on the working people of India, including farm suicides resulting in 250,000 deaths in the last 15 years. He spoke of the impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Multi-brand retail which would destroy the livelihood of small retailers and potential job losses for the 40 million employed in this sector. Paul also spoke of his support for the 48 hrs General Strike in February (2013). read more

Capitalist Globalisation & India

MSWU Release: Onwards to the Dharna and Hunger Strike of 7th and 8th November !!

The following press statement was released by Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU). 4 months after the violent clashes that erupted at the Maruti Suzuki plant in Manesar (Gurgaon), without even a shred of evidence, about 149 workers are languishing in jail, 549 permanent workers have been terminated from their jobs and over 2000 contract workers have also been thrown out of their jobs. read more

Anti-Nuclear Struggles

Stop Nuclear Power!

The last few months have been a testing time for many activists and protesters alike fighting the might of the Indian state in its ever increasing attacks on the lives and livelihoods of the Indian working people. In particular for the people in and around Kudankulam nuclear power plant, the whole issue is a do or die battle which has repercussions for not just the people around the nuclear plant, but far beyond the frontiers of India. read more