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A Movie on Politics & Politics of a Movie

Madras CafeMadras Cafe- ban is not the answer!

The following write-up is an analytical review of the recently released controversial Bollywood movie – Madras Cafe by Arun Kaliraja. The movie revolves around the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister – Rajiv Gandhi’s by the LTTE and the Indian Army’s involvement in the Sri Lankan conflict in the 80’s. The movie initially garnered controversy with demands for banning the movie by certain sections in Tamil Nadu.

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Film Review: Jai Bhim, Comrade

“Every day two Dalits are raped and three killed, in the world’s largest democracy”

Flim maker and radical activist Anand Patwardhan’s latest documentary – Jai Bhim, Comrade is a heart rending experience of caste atrocities against Daliths in Ramabai Colony, Mumbai (Maharashtra). It provides a glimpse into their conditions and the manner in which even today Daliths are looked down upon in the so called World’s largest democracy. The documentary runs for over 200 minutes and is one of the longest documentaries ever made in India. The film bagged the Best Film award at the ‘Film Southasia 2011’. It is also for the first time, the Censor Board of India gave a clearance to an Anand Patwardhan’s film, without any cuts that have usually dogged all his earlier films.

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Film Review: Look for the Small Print

‘Look for the Small Print’, a documentary film made by Jobin K Andrews, was screened on 3rd March 2012 at SCM Hall, Bangalore. The film screening was organized by Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns-Bangalore (that includes the New Socialist Alternative – CWI India).

The film depicts the impact of globalisation on the personal lives of especially software professionals, in the Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore, by centring around a typical working day in the life of a fictional young family. The film revolves around the precarious lifestyles of these young people in Urban India today, which while embracing the materialism of the west, is yet to come to terms with issues ranging from job insecurity, work pressure, marital discord to the issue of environmental degradation that is happening all round, under capitalist globalisation.

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