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Activists gather to mark Chernobyl Day in Bangalore

The following news article appeared on the website Newzfirst ( covering the recent protest demonstration that took place in Bangalore on 26th April, 2011 led by Peoples Solidarity Concerns – Bangalore, marking the 25th year of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, in which members of the New Socialist Alternative (CWI –India) played a leading role.  Most of the article is based on the address by Cde. Jagadish Chandra during the demonstration as well as excerpts from the leaflet produced by this campaign.

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Chernobyl Day protest against Nuclear Insanity

Today’s protest was in remembrance of the world’s worst nuclear disaster that happened in Chernobyl (which was in the then Soviet Union, which now falls in Ukraine) on the 26th of April 1986, which is exactly 25 years ago.

The protest was organized under the banner of Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns, Bangalore, which is coalition of various political, social and Human Rights groups in Bangalore.

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Nuckespeak – Daftspeak

As the tragedy of the nuclear disaster in Japan unfolds, nothing is more ridiculous than the defence put forward by the Indian ruling establisment in favor of nuclear energy as the energy of the future. From the Prime Minister to the environmental minister down to the scientists & bureaucrats connected to the nuclear establishent; all stand united in espousing the cause of nuclear energy, with arguments ranging from idegenous nature of the Indian nuclear industry to the remote possibility of an earthquake/ tsunami affecting the Indian reactors & all sorts of in build mechanisms to safe guard the reactors etc…etc.

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