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Israel/Palestine: The Marxist left, the national conflict and the Palestinian struggle

The necessity of a class approach and a socialist alternative

The Socialist Struggle Movement participates in the struggle to end the occupation and the national oppression of the Palestinians and for a just peace based on full equality between the two national groups, including an equal right for existence, self-determination, personal security and welfare. The points brought here regarding the national conflict and the Palestinian struggle were discussed and agreed by the National Committee of the Socialist Struggle Movement on 2 April 2016, as part of a discussion around some of the central relevant questions arising in this period for the left. A more extensive document on the issue is planned to be published later.

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For The Rich Only – Modi’s Acche Din!!

The year that was 2015, was a mixed bag as for as the Political process in the country is concerned. The advent of the Right Wing forces led by BJP-RSS combine which has installed Narendra Modi administration in May 2014, while undoubtedly cheered by the Capitalists, Feudal lords, Mercantile Class and most of the Corporate driven Electronic & Print Media, but the ordinary working people including the socially volatile salaried Middle Classes and the rural masses have begun to steer out of the initial awe & paralysis of sorts.

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Is Modimania on the Wane?

As 2015 draws to a close, the last one and half years of the right wing, communal BJP govt at the center led by Narendra Modi has managed to put off many sections of the Indian society and beyond. In what could be called the ‘year of the cow’, the reactionaries belonging to the Sangh Parivar and its supporters have been on a rampage of sorts with one new controversy every few days. And this spill over effect has been felt everywhere with even the international media taking notice.

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150 million workers strike

Modi government faces growing opposition

It is no exaggeration to say that the nation-wide strike on September 2nd was the biggest ever that India has seen since independence from direct colonial rule.

Headlines in the western media declared: ‘World’s Biggest General Strike involves 150 million Workers!’ and the BBC, Al Jazeera and CNN carried exclusive reports on the strike. In India, the press and T V channels tried their level best to play down the impact and make it look inconsequential.

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1946 Bombay Mutiny- the Revolt that compelled Indian independence!

Often the great struggles against oppression are drilled deep into insignificance by the capitalist historians. The 1946 uprising of the Royal Indian Navy also known as the ‘Bombay mutiny’ is a remarkable example of such a struggle. The then British Raj repressed the upsurge with the support of the privileged sections of India, which now as a fully blown up state establishment with its strings in the hands of big business corporations continuing the cover-up act of that spirited struggle. At the same time it’s also the lack of determined leadership of the working class in not leading the historic revolt through a revolutionary path seizing the working class the political power to smash the shackles of oppression forever!

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