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World Social Forum 2004 – Mumbai: NGOs Provide No Solutions For The Exploited

OVER 120,000 people attended the World Social Forum (WSF) in Mumbai, India. The majority came in their tens of thousands from the most poverty stricken areas of India as well as other countries in Asia such as Pakistan, South Korea, Tibet and the Philippines.

Also present were hundreds of trade unionists who explained the horrific conditions they face as a result of the exploitation of the multinational companies and also local capitalists (interviews in next week’s the socialist).

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World Social Forum: Workers Speak Out

AS WE reported in last week’s issue of the socialist, over 120,000 people, mainly from the Indian sub-continent and other Asian countries, attended the fourth World Social Forum in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Members of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI – the international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated), have sent these reports and interviews with workers who attended.

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The return of the Indian working class

“The country does not mean brick and mortar; the country means its working people”. (Gurazada, the Telugu poet who galvanised millions into action against the British Raj.)

FOR A long time, India has been mainly in the news for its political instability, communal and caste pogroms, environmental degradation and so-called ‘natural disasters’, and the nightmarish scenario of a nuclear war with its neighbour Pakistan. But a single day of action on 21 May catapulted the working class of India to the top of the charts of combativity against neo-liberal policies. The unprecedented 50 million strong, all-India general strike was the biggest strike since the days of independence.

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