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The return of the Indian working class

“The country does not mean brick and mortar; the country means its working people”. (Gurazada, the Telugu poet who galvanised millions into action against the British Raj.)

FOR A long time, India has been mainly in the news for its political instability, communal and caste pogroms, environmental degradation and so-called ‘natural disasters’, and the nightmarish scenario of a nuclear war with its neighbour Pakistan. But a single day of action on 21 May catapulted the working class of India to the top of the charts of combativity against neo-liberal policies. The unprecedented 50 million strong, all-India general strike was the biggest strike since the days of independence.

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Gujarat Elections, 2002 – Communalists profit from hate

Though hardly any of the political observers predicted a defeat for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), very few foresaw the huge victory that the protagonists of Hindu chauvinism managed to secure in the Gujarat elections of December, 2002, through their hate campaign against Muslims. The BJP increased its strength in the Gujarat assembly from 117 (in 1998) to 125 in the lower house which has 182 seats, while Congress – the main opposition – got 51 seats, loosing two seats from last time.

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Ten million strike against privatisation

Jagadish Chandra, New Socialist Alternative (Nava Samajavaadi Paryaya – the CWI’s section in India) spoke about the struggle against privatisation in India in an interview with Offensiv (newspaper of the Swedish section of the CWI) during the Eighth World Congress of the CWI. In April this year 10 million public sector workers took part in a general strike against the privatisations of the BJP (Hindu fundamentalist) government.

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