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Modern Rasputins!

On 25th August 2017 afternoon, a special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Panchkula, Haryana – delivered its verdict in a 2002 sexual assault case of two female disciples of Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS). The religious leader of the Dera – Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, was convicted of rape. The aftermath of the judgement triggered massive rioting across North India in which around 38 people were killed, 300 injured and 500 arrested. Obviously the tremors of this incident could be felt a lot earlier. But it was the utter shameful and callous administration of the Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar – that failed miserably to take sufficient precautionary measures to contain the rioting by the Dera followers and to safeguard the public.

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China: State repression and the prospects for workers’ struggle

The following article is an analysis of the latest situation in China, put out by the co-thinkers of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India).  Many leftists belonging to various Communist parties in this country (India) still believe and argue that China despite its blatant Capitalism and unspeakable brutal exploitation of workers and national minorities continues to be SOCIALIST & COMMUNIST just because the regime is headed by the CCP with the Communist imagery of Hammer and Sickle.

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India Under Modi – Dismantling democracy one brick at a time

One flag, One leader and One ideology” was the slogan of RSS leader Golwakar. Inspired from the Nazi and Fascist parties of Italy and Germany, and the ethnic cleansing of Jews the RSS was formed with the sole aim of creating a Hindu nation. After coming to power in 2014, BJP government has launched an assault on the federal democratic structure of India. While policies like GST, NEET, NEP, Beef ban, Niti ayog have all intruded into the rights of the states guaranteed by the constitution, BJP is silently dismantling the democratic framework one brick at a time.

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Great Stealer Tax

Capitalism, despite all its democratic pretensions and high sounding words, is inherently a system of CONS, by CONS and for CONS. Capitalists and their political representatives, have perfected the vocabulary of deceit to perpetuate their system of profit which only benefits a tiny few, i.e. 1% or 2% of the population, by forcing a transfer of resources from the Poor to the Rich, and that is what they call as DEMOCRACY.

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Israel/Palestine: The Marxist left, the national conflict and the Palestinian struggle

The necessity of a class approach and a socialist alternative

The Socialist Struggle Movement participates in the struggle to end the occupation and the national oppression of the Palestinians and for a just peace based on full equality between the two national groups, including an equal right for existence, self-determination, personal security and welfare. The points brought here regarding the national conflict and the Palestinian struggle were discussed and agreed by the National Committee of the Socialist Struggle Movement on 2 April 2016, as part of a discussion around some of the central relevant questions arising in this period for the left. A more extensive document on the issue is planned to be published later.

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