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Maruti Workers defiant once again!

Maruti Suzuki Workers Strike is a significant development for the working class as a whole in India, we envision this strike as the beginnings of a new churning that is bound to develop further at an all India level. We the New Socialist Alternative and the CWI will be campaigning for solidarity and support among Trade Unions, fighting organisations and peoples’ movements for the Maruti Suzuki workers struggle through our forces internationally.

Strike Once Again: Maruti Suzuki Workers continue their industrial action

As expected, workers have once again struck work at the Manesar plant of Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) located in Gurgaon (Haryana) on 29th August. This flows directly from the farcical deal that was negotiated by the central trade union leaders like the AITUC with the management, which had rejected the primary demand of the workers to set up their own union as opposed to the management run union. Instead of fighting to the finish, undue pressure was then brought upon the workers by the central unions, who wanted to press a deal with the management, for the fear of the protest spreading throughout the region with over 2 million workers employed in various industries including automotive.

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Gurgaon: Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Strike

The 13 day strike of over 2000 workers in the Maruti Suzuki India’s (MSI) Manesar plant in Gurgoan (Haryana), close to the national capital Delhi, in the first weeks of June is an important sign of ascendancy of the working class militancy in the region. This strike comes in the wake of the victory of the Gorakhpur Yarn workers (Uttar Pradesh) and a partial victory of the Air India pilots earlier. While the result of the Maruti workers strike cannot really be termed a victory for the workers as the media, management, government and (most disgustingly by the) central trade unions proclaim, it nevertheless comes at an important juncture of high price rises and a not so bright economic outlook for the country.

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