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Modern Rasputins!

On 25th August 2017 afternoon, a special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Panchkula, Haryana – delivered its verdict in a 2002 sexual assault case of two female disciples of Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS). The religious leader of the Dera – Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, was convicted of rape. The aftermath of the judgement triggered massive rioting across North India in which around 38 people were killed, 300 injured and 500 arrested. Obviously the tremors of this incident could be felt a lot earlier. But it was the utter shameful and callous administration of the Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar – that failed miserably to take sufficient precautionary measures to contain the rioting by the Dera followers and to safeguard the public.

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MSWU Release: Onwards to the Dharna and Hunger Strike of 7th and 8th November !!

The following press statement was released by Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU). 4 months after the violent clashes that erupted at the Maruti Suzuki plant in Manesar (Gurgaon), without even a shred of evidence, about 149 workers are languishing in jail, 549 permanent workers have been terminated from their jobs and over 2000 contract workers have also been thrown out of their jobs.

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One Month After the Violence at Maruti Suzuki Plant

Solidarity Support for the Maruti Suzuki workers by the workers of Gurgaon.

It has been over one month since the sudden violence that erupted at the Maruti Suzuki plant at Manesar, Haryana (close to Delhi) that left one HR manager dead and several injured including workers. Still the cause behind who was actually responsible for the unfortunate incident remains a mystery. But as we predicted in our earlier article (See: Violence at Maruti Suzuki Plant), it was the workers who have been blamed for the whole incident and now we have the latest news coming in of the management sacking 1000 workers (500 permanent and 500 contact workers) for causing the violence without even a shred of evidence against them. How the management came to the conclusion at such an exact round figures as being responsible for the violence is anybody’s guess. More workers jobs are also on the line.

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Violence at Maruti Suzuki Plant

Nine months after a settlement was forged between the workers and the management of the Maruti Suzuki plant at Manesar, Gurgaon (Haryana), violence erupted, after a scuffle broke out in the shop floor, when a supervisor allegedly made casteist remark against a Dalith worker. Two conflicting versions of the event is being circulating around the net on who was responsible for the violence.

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Maruti Strike Ends or Is it So?

Photo: India Today

As suddently as it erupted, the 14 day strike at Maruti Suzuki plant at Manesar plant in Gurgaon has once again ended abruptly. After a 42 hour marathon negotiations involving the management, the Haryana government and the workers representatives, it was resolved on 21st October that the management would take back all 1200 contract workers, 64 suspended workers will also be taken back but 30 others continue to remain suspended, all transport services will be resumed, a ‘Grevience Redressal Committee’ and a ‘Labour Welfare Committee’ will be set up.

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