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Book Review: Bearing Witness – Sexual Violence in South Chattisgarh

In the 2016-17 Budget, 77,000 crore Rupees were allocated to the Home ministry. It was 24.56% higher than the previous year budget allocation. Out of the 77,000 crores, 50,176 crore rupees were to be spent on the 7 armed divisions of the Indian state. The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) which is responsible for maintaining internal security was alone allocated 16,228 crore rupees. Next to that Border Security Forces were allocated 14,562 Crore rupees. The Home ministry’s staff strength, including the number of armed personnel which was 7.44 Lakh in 2006 increased 32% by 2014. On one hand there is oppression on the lines of nationality question and on other hand there is a huge war waged on those who protect their lands against the corporates who are at their door steps to loot the natural resources.

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Arrests of peoples’ activists go unabated!

It is quite obvious from the recent spate of arrests in various parts of the country that the very foundations of this project “DEMOCRACY” in India is a weak one. 

The glimmer that was though frail and feeble but still continued to be beacon of hope for few decades since the independence from the British. But the brown Sahibs have slowly and steadily eroded every value attached to this form of governance. 

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Sanjay Basu Mallick on Adivasi Struggles in India

The following article is based on a talk given by the radical intellectual and activist, Sanjay Basu Mallick of Jangal Bachao Andolan (Save Forest Movement) and NFFPFW (National Forum for Forest People and Forest Workers) recently in Bangalore, who has been tirelessly working among the Adivasis (Indian aboriginals) in Jharkhand for the past three to four decades. While the adivasi struggles (especially in Eastern India) have often been portrayed in the media as a Naxalite (Maoist) led struggle, what is often deliberatly ignored are the many democratic struggles taking place in many parts of Central India against the forces of capitalist globalization, who have started to plunder the rich natural resources in the lands inhabited by the adivasis.

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“Think about it!”

Book Review of ‘Listening to Grasshoppers’ by Arundhati Roy

Reading Arundhati Roy’s collection of lectures and articles about India could make you want to weep, or to emit the ’feral howl’ she herself is tempted to resort to. Her main aim is to reveal the sordid truth about the death, destruction and devastating injustice that underlies the so-called ’democracy’ and ’progress’ of which India’s ’leaders’ and friends abroad (especially Washington) tend to boast.

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