Bangalore: Solidarity Protest with Anti-Kudankulam Struggle

More than 100 people turned up at Town Hall (well known protest point in Bangalore) on 16th September to express their solidarity support with the ongoing anti-Kudankulan struggle at Idinthakaria (Tamil Nadu). The protest was organized by Save Tamils Movement jointly with other groups, which included the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India).

The protest were primarily organized after the latest police atrocity against the anti- nuclear protesters at Idinthakaria, when the protesters tried to march towards the Kudankulam plant. Lately, the protesters have organized different forms of protests such as Jal Satyagraha (protesting literally on the sea), enacting symbolic mass graves on the sea shores lines etc. About 20,000 people are currently protesting on the sea shore leading to the nuclear plant, to demand the halt of fuel loading in the reactor.

But all this act of defiance has had no impact on the ruling class that has completely turned a blind eye towards the protesters and is hell bent on going ahead with the project. Despite peaceful protests, the police are busy charging the protesters with all sorts of criminal charges including the draconian sedition laws.

Despite the government offensive against the protesters, the anti-Kudankulam struggle is gaining support both nationally and internationally with many protests being organized in different parts of India.

The Solidarity protest in Bangalore demanded:

# Withdraw police forces from Kudankulam and Idinthakaria

# Initiate negotiations with the protesting people

# Ensure Essential supplies to the people

# Halt Uranium fuel loading

# Withdraw the false charges against protesters and release the detained prisoners