Bangalore: International day of Action for Legal abortion in Ireland

About 50 people gathered at Town Hall, Bangalore (Karnataka) to observe International Day of action for Legal Abortion in Ireland following the death of Savitha Halappanavar. The activists opined that the sectarian anti-abortion laws and political cowardice in Ireland are responsible for medieval treatment of Savita and her tragic death.

Savita developed septicemia after she was refused termination of an unviable miscarriage of a 17-week-old foetus and went through days of horrendous pain and agony.

This protest in Bangalore was part of an International solidarity protests on 21st November that took place throughout Europe to highlight the obscurantist and medieval anti-women abortion laws in Ireland. There is a groundswell of anger and indignation against the vice-grip of the Catholic Church on the social life of Ireland which is discriminating life of women there.

The speakers belonging to various organizations condemned the callous nature with which the Savita’s health and life were dealt with. They demanded free, safe and legal abortion laws be promulgated immediately in Ireland and Internationally so that no more women’s lives are sacrificed.

This International day of action was jointly organized by New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India), May 17 Movement, Campaign to Reclaim Democracy, Tamil Solidarity and many other progressive individuals of Bangalore.

Jagadish G Chandra

New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)