Bangalore: 26th June: Protest in front of Town Hall

Join the protest on June 26, 2012 in front of Town Hall, Bangalore at 5.30 pm

Protest on June 26, 2012.

Dear friends,

The state of Emergency was imposed by the Indian State on June 26,1975 which continued till 1977. During this period, the press was gagged, thousands were detained without trial, many were tortured, custodial deaths and encounter killings became unaccountable, minorities were forcefully sterilized, poor people’s living & dwellings called as slums were destroyed and all opposition to the Government was brutally crushed. During Emergency, laws such as NSA & MISA were used to ruthless ssuppress and brutalise people.

While this experience remain as a nightmare for all human rights lovers, activists today are concerned about the shift of the present Indian State to an Emergency-like situation.

During the post-globalised India, the natural resources like land water and forests are being looted by the corporate multinationals in such a way that cannot be imagined even by the British colonial forces. When the rich in India are becoming richer and the poor poorer, many people’s movements have emerged questioning the development policies of the Central and State Governments. The people’s movement against POSCO (one of the largest Foreign Direct Investment in India), is facing over 180 fabricated cases on over 1500 villagers and activists. Their leader, Abhay Sahoo who was jailed twice during the struggle is facing 51 fabricated cases today. Down south, more than 6,000 fabricated cases are being faced by the villagers who are struggling against the Koodamkulam Nuclear Power Plant. Their leader is facing 200 fabricated cases. For the Muslim spiritual leader Abdul Nasser Maudany who supported the struggles of the dalits and adivasis in Kerala, it took nine and a half years of imprisonment in Coimbatore Jail, to be declared as innocent by the judge. However, the Government did neither insist on compensation for wasting his precious life in jail nor punish those responsible for fabrication. Today, he is in jail again with different fabricated charges, becoming blind without proper health care in Bangalore Jail. Writer and human rights activists Seema Azad (the organizational secretary of PUCL in Uttar Pradesh) and her husband are behind the bars now with fabricated charges. Journalists Syed Mohammed Kazmi and K.K. Shahina, adivasi activist Soni Sori. Farmers’ movement leader Dr. Sunilam Mumbai based activist Arun Ferreira, advocate Shanavas, dalit group DHRM, Mumbai based group Kabir Kala Manch, adivasi activist C.K. Janu and her supporter and many others have already become victims of fabrication.In Karnataka, many muslim youths, adivasis, urban poor, dalits, and transgenders face the problem of fabrication.

It has come to a stage where anybody can be arrested with fabricated charges of being a terrorist, naxalite or an insurgence agent. Many draconian laws passed by the Central and State governments facilitate and justify the presence of thousands of innocents in Indian jails. Therefore we demand the release of all political prisoners and repeal the following draconian laws immediately:

1. The Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958,
2. Unlawful Activities Prevention Act,
3. Chattisgarh Special Public Security Act 2005,
4. National Security Act
5. J and K Public Safety Act 2005
6. MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act 1999)
8. National Investigation agency, 2008
9. Sec. 124 (a) related to sedition.

On this day of June 26th (The International Day against Torture), we also demand an end to torture and custodial deaths in India, so that no more Emergency, will crush Indian democracy, silently or blatantly.

Join the protest with:

1. PUCL, Bangalore, 2. Lesbit, 3. New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India), 4. Pedestrian Pictures, 5. PDF, 6, SICHREM, 7.Solidarity Youth Movement, Bangalore, 8. Visual Search, 9. Moving Republic, 10. Campaign to Reclaim Democracy (CRD), 11. Tamil Solidarity, 12. May 17 movement, 13. INSAF Karnataka, 14. National Adivasi Alliance, 15. Budakattu Krishikara Sangha, People’s Democratic Forum, 16. Karnataka Janapara Vedike, 17. Samanata Mahila Vedike, 18. Bharatuya Muslim Mahila Andolan, 19. Praja Rjakiya Vedike, 20. Vimochana, 21.Alternative Law Forum, 22. Sangama, 23 Prajna Socio Cultural Society.

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