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India’s workers put Modi on notice!

Undoubtedly India’s recent 48 hour General Strike in January 2019, when nearly 220 million workers, peasants, agricultural labourers, street vendors etc. struck work will go down in history as a record-breaking one. Interestingly the previous record for largest general strike was also held by India’s working class, when 180 million participated in a General Strike in September 2016, against the disastrous economic policies of the current Modi regime.

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“You celebrate International Womens’ Day, while we smash our cerebrals to a speeding train”

This seems to be the message of challenge to the fighters of women’s causes and more importantly to the plethora of unions claiming to fight the injustice against garment workers particularly women.

In a shocking instance (just three days before the celebration of International Women Day this year) to the kind of desperation faced by women garment workers, four dismissed garment workers of   Choice Apparels/Novacraft, a garment manufacturing factory off Mysore Road (one of the garment industrial belt in Bangalore), took the extreme step by attempting a group suicide on a railway track. While three of the women were dragged to safety by the timely intervention of the railway workers and passers-by, Aarti, a 20 year old women, was not so lucky and died on the spot hit by a speeding train.

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