Anti-Koodankulam Struggle: Report on Anti-Nuclear Conference

The following short report was written by Balaji S from the May 17 Movement and also a supporter of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India). The report is an account of the recent Conference held at Idinthakarai (epicenter of the anti-Koodankulam struggle) against nuclear energy.


On 1st of July 2012, in the southern tip of Tamil Nadu, which is well known for its historical struggle against the nuclear establishment for the past 1 year, was filled with all the political leadership of Tamil Nadu and the activists from all over the country. All turned up and filled Idinthakarai for the National level Conference against Nuclear Energy.

The day was especially significant as it marked the 321st day of hunger strike by the people of Idinthakarai. The people had started to reach the venue from the early morning itself. People from neighbouring villages too had closed down all shops, took time off and reached Idinthakarai by bus for the event. Almost all the political parties sent their representatives to be the part of the event except the two mainstream parties – DMK & AIADMK.

The conference was presided over by Aiya. Pazha. Nedumaran. PMANE convener SP Udayakumar welcomed everyone. Inspiring Anti Nuclear songs were sung and Parai music was played by Murasu Kalai Kuzhu. Two books about the ill effects of nuclear energy were released by Udayakumar.

Thozhar Thiyagu from Tamil National Liberation Movement, Mallai Sathya from MDMK, Pe. Maniyarasan from Tamil Desiya Pothuvudamai Katchi, Velmurugan form Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi, Vanni Arasu from Viduthalai Chiruthaigal, Mee. Tha. Pandian from CPI(ML), Thirumurugan from May 17 movement, Dalit Murasu editor Punitha Pandian and Friends of Earth Sundararajan are some of the notable people who gave their inspiring and informative speech against the nuclear energy.

The conference ended up with notes by Pushparayan. The conference demanded the government to close down all the nuclear establishments in the country and to go for alternate energy resources. They demanded to revoke all the false cases filed against the anti nuclear activists. PMANE convener Udayakumar welcomed everyone and Pushparayan concluded the event.

The resolutions passed in the conference were:

1. This conference strictly condemns the Indian Govt, Atomic Energy Agency, NPCIL and the Tamilnadu Govt for not giving any basic information about the Koodankulam nuclear plant or disaster management training to the people. The Indian govt and the NPCIL without any concern to the valuable lives of the people, has set up this plant violating the international nuclear laws. This conference strictly condemns them as well as the Tamil Nadu state govt which is remaining silent in this regard.

2. This conference demands the state govt that they should not allow any catastrophic projects such as Kalpakkam and Koodankulam nuclear projects into Tamil Nadu.

3. This conference requests the Tamil Nadu socio-political movements to discuss and display their strategies and action plan towards the Kalpakkam and Koodankulam nuclear plants to safeguard the people.

4. This conference requests the Kerala’s socio-political movements to support the PMANE’s struggle against the Koodankulam nuclear plant.

Balaji S


  • Indian

    I agree to you in one way that India is being screwed up in many ways, but still its our nation and we should not have the sadistic attitude that you and many others have shared in such posts.

    regarding nuclear energy, I think most of the reactors are concentrated to the north-west of india. So, there is no anti-tamil angle to it.

    I think the way you guys have handled Kaveri issue is a clear testiment to your lack of judgement in such matters, even pakistan india have managed it in a much better way.

    About energy I will like to make few points clear.

    1) hydro power destroys forests(flora and fauna of the area its built in, you must have felt it first hand)
    2) coal, we all agree is pathetic.
    3) solar needs silica and we all know how its made and costs involved.(its still good,and if we want to promote it right way to go about it will be to have your homes fully solar powered before starting any awareness program, I believe you will understand the concept)
    4) wind, best of all but still has a long way to go.(research it, if you are so concerned)
    5) nuclear, its a sustainable source of energy which can be treated as an aircraft which is at risk every time it takes off but still statistically safest way to travel.

    lastly grow up, and move forward to a “our earth” from “my room”.

    • anand

      This is with reference to some of the allegations that have been hurled against us in your comments with regard to the report on Koodankulam. First of all, we never said anywhere either in this article or in others that is an issue of the Tamil people alone. This is an issue very much to do with environment and a people’s issue. We as internationalist stand against nuclear energy anywhere in the world. At the same time we have stated in other articles that we are not against exploring the options in nuclear fusion especially aneutronic (non-radioactive) fusion that is still in the experimental stages. There are several issues in nuclear energy especially fission from mining of uranium ore that has led to radiation side effects in workers involved in this, the cost, safety, sustainability plus who benefits at the end of the day. As there is little space here to deal with all these issues, I suggest that you look into well researched websites like, before you make senseless allegations against us.

      I don’t know what you mean by suddenly evoking the Kaveri issue. Nowhere have we mentioned anywhere about Kaveri issue here. From what you are saying it is as if Tamil people messed up the whole Kaveri issue. This is completely unfounded and everything to do with the agricultural policies of the green revolution in the 60’s that while destroying the Indian agriculture completely, has also ended up promoting crops that are highly input as well as water intensive.

      On the issue of sustainability of technologies like solar and wind, for us this is not short cut to address the problem of energy. We never said we pro dam (maybe mini hydro electric projects but definitively not big dams. For us it is ultimately the complete overall of the system is what counts against the mindless looting and profiteering under capitalism to a system that is controlled and run by the people themselves in the real sense of the term and also one that is environmentally friendly at the end of the day.

      Before advising us to “grow up”, I suggest that you re-look at some of the issues that you have raked up first of all and if you feel that you want have discussion on any of the above topics, we are open to it all the same.

      Anand Kumar