Bank workers strike

Support 22nd August Bank Workers Strike – Build for a General Strike

The Bank workers of India are going on a one day strike at an all India level on 22 August ‘17, this collective action comes at a crucial juncture of India’s political, economic and social life. In fact this is the second time (the first one was February ‘17) since Demonetisation that the Bank workers have declared their defiance against economic policies of NDA/BJP regime led by Modi. read more


China: State repression and the prospects for workers’ struggle

The following article is an analysis of the latest situation in China, put out by the co-thinkers of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India).  Many leftists belonging to various Communist parties in this country (India) still believe and argue that China despite its blatant Capitalism and unspeakable brutal exploitation of workers and national minorities continues to be SOCIALIST & COMMUNIST just because the regime is headed by the CCP with the Communist imagery of Hammer and Sickle. read more