Euro Elections

Euro elections: A Revolt Against the Capitalist Establishment

EUelectionsGains for the far right but some successes for genuine Left

The long-predicted ’earthquake’ – the electoral “triumph” of the far right and their allies – took place in the European elections in some key countries. In Britain Ukip came first, pushing Labour into second position and the Tories – the ’governing party’ – into an ignominious third position. The Liberal Democrats were completely humiliated, left with just one MEP! read more

Modi Victory

The Triumph of the Villain

thruimpofthevillainThe stunning and benumbing pyrrhic victory of Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) signifies the right wing upsurge in India’s polity and a decisive shift in the balance of forces.

Though the advent of Modi was no surprise but the thumping numerical majority with which he has romped into the corridors of power has upset all calculations. BJP’s vote share went up by 12% touching 31.8% nationally. read more

Colombo May Day
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: May Day celebration in Colombo

Photos of United Socialist Party march and meeting

The traditional march of the United Socialist Party (CWI Sri Lanka) went ahead on May 1st in Colombo, in spite of the continuing difficulties that the Rajapakse government creates for those who argue for free speech, democratic rights and socialism. It made its way from Meetotamulla in the North of the city, through predominantly Muslim, Tamil and Portuguese areas to Grand Pass Junction. A large number of local people turned out to listen to the speeches at the USP rally in the square at Kosgass Junction. read more

May Day 2014

May Day 2014: Fighting Cuts, Poverty and Exploitation

mayday2014The first of May is traditionally the day of international workers’ solidarity, celebrated by class fighters around the world. Its origins lie in the 19th century struggles, mainly amongst manual workers in the United States and Europe, for the reduction of the working day to eight hours. The socialist Second International called for an international day of protest to be held at the beginning of May 1890 on the same date as the American Federation of Labour was planning to hold a demonstration on the issue. The May Day protest in London on the nearest Sunday to May 1st saw no fewer than 300,000 assemble in Hyde Park. read more