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The five State elections of 2011: The Democracy Drill-Stagnancy is the Change!

After month long arduous process of much trumpeted “Indian Electoral Democracy” the results for the just concluded elections for five state assemblies arrived a fortnight ago with a mixed bag. Though much of the results have gone on the expected lines, the verdict in Kerala is a bit of a surprise. The rejection of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) rule in Tamil Nadu is of course something many did expect, but the sweep with which the corrupt rule of Karunanidhi and his coterie has been done with, goes to show the bottled up anger of the people in this southern state. read more

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Solidarity March For The Repeal Of AFSPA And Release Of Irom Sharmila at Bangalore

Bangalore, 22nd May 2011


Date of Program:22 May 2011

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Venue:Town Hall to Mahatma Gandhi Statue, MG Road, Bangalore

The draconian act of AFSPA has been implemented in North eastern states of India since 1958 and in Jammu and Kashmir since 1991. It was on May 22, 1958, that the AFSPA was promulgated in the north east as an ordinance. This law is more draconian than its predecessor ordinance used by the British to suppress the Quit India Movement. It gave extraordinary powers to members of the armed forces, to arrest without warrant and shoot to kill on the basis of suspicion; and no legal action can be taken up against the armed forces without prior sanction from the Centre.  read more

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Paul Murphy (MEP) Opposes FTA with India

This speech (11th May) given in the European parliament, by Paul Murphy, MEP, Socialist Party – Ireland (our sister organization in Ireland), on why he voted against the resolution dealing with negotiations surrounding the proposed Free Trade Agreement with India. While strongly condemning the agreement favoring the multinationals (both Indian & foriegn) , Paul spoke in solidarity with the struggle of the Indian people fighting against the capitalist & imperialist machination with the words “I stand with the poor farmers, trade unionists & workers who oppose the FTA…”. read more

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Ban Endoslfan Permanently! and Immediately

Ban Endoslfan Permanently! Justice to the Survivors of Endosulfan!

Dear friends,

Perhaps you are aware that more than 9000 victims of Endosulfan have been identified in Kasargod district of Kerala alone, out of which over 4800 patients are bedridden.. Over thousand victims of Endosulfan have already died in Kasargod District. Similar effects are also being witnessed today in Idukki, Palakkad & Kannur in Kerala and Dakshin Kannada, Kodagu and Udupi and Bhatkal in Karnataka. Already, 74 countries all over the world have banned Endosulfan. A recent ban in Australia cited the health impacts in India as one of the reasons for the ban. In this context, we, the Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns, a forum of different activist groups in Bangalore, strongly condemn the stand of Government India for not calling for a permanent ban of Endosulfan. read more

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Flying Pilots flex their class Muscles

The 10 day pilot strike that has rocked the troubled national carrier – Air India has ended with a partial victory of sorts for the pilots with the govt. agreeing to look into the pilots demands within a timeframe. The issue relates to pay parity of pilots belonging to domestic routes with their counterparts in the the International routes of the same carrier, better working conditions & dismissal of current Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) of Air India Arvind Jhandav accusing him of being involved in corruption & causing loss to the airline industry. The pilots have recieved support from the pilot associaltion of Jet airways & other ground staff of Air India. Many of the pilots even joined the May Day demonstration in Mumbai organized by India Against Corruption expressing their solidarity with the movement against corruption. read more