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Video: Jagadish Chandra Speaking on the effects of Neo – Liberal Reforms in India

The is a speech by Cde. Jagadish Chandra (New Socialist Alternative – India) in London Socialist Party Meeting were he speaks on the effects of neo liberal reforms in India. While India definitely experienced exponential growth in the last one decade, 77% of its population still live on Rs. 20 a day. Jagadish also spoke about the neo liberal offensive in states such as Orissa where the mining and steel multinationals such as POSCO are attempting to grab the state’s rich natural resources at the expense of the communities that have lived of the forest and agriculture to sustain their livelihood for generations. read more

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The Great Orissa Land Grab

Stop Posco Now!

The state of Orissa that has seen absolute neglect both under colonialism and after independence, is today one of the most sought after destinations of global capitalism. The so-called “investors” that include national and multinational companies, are not here for any humanitarian reasons but only for profit and to loot and plunder the region’s rich natural resources. Which would cause irreparable damage by destroying livelihoods, displace people, wreck the environment, create joblessness and most importantly destroy the time tested sustainable and self sufficient form of agriculture, Pisciculture and allied industrial activities that is unique to this coastal region made possible by the availability of sweet sand (non-saline) and pure water. read more

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Jammu & Kashmir

The Kashmir I saw

I only came to Kashmir few months ago from Chennai to do a media course. This is my first visit to Kashmir, so naturally, the picture I had of Kashmir in my mind, prior to it, was one that was shaped by the usual portrayals of Kashmir carried on by the mainstream media, across India. But what I saw here, in Kashmir, gave a surprise jolt to all my views and ideas. read more