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Break the Deadlock

Let the May 21st all-India General Strike challenge capitalism.

In the name of Liberalisation, the deadly disease of Privatisation has attacked the working class throughout India. It has killed and destroyed 250,000 factories and has thrown 25 million workers and their families into a hellish life. read more

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Sri Lanka

Elections in the teeth of violence.

The Provincial Council election in the East will enter history as one of the most rigged elections in Sri Lanka.

From the day of nominations up to the 10th May – the day of the election – there was a full scale terror campaign of intimidation and fear launched by the armed groups which are supported by the Sri Lankan government. read more

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Torch protests, child labour and the multinationals!

In countries the length and breadth of the globe, such as Britain, France and the US, the state has intervened against protesters, in an attempt to protect the farce of the carrying of the Olympic torch.

The Olympic Games are dressed up as a spectacular event that unites the people of the world in a spirit of fairness and fraternity. Around the world, as the Olympic torch is hurtled around in as swift a manner as possible, the ruling class internationally would rather not have the inconvenience of the politicisation of such a wonderfully neutral and benevolent event, so useful in generating a “feel-good factor” to detract from the realities of capitalism. read more

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May Day 2008

Booming Growth or Looming Crisis?

It is in this state of dilemma that the May Day of 2008 was observed all over India.

It was very evident in the Bicycle Jatha (rally) that the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) undertook to mark the occasion of May Day in the city of Bangalore. read more