15 October: The day of inter-continental resistance

This leaflet published by the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) on the the eve of 15th October, day of International protests and actions involving all the major protest movements across the globe from  ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in New York to ‘Indignad@s’ & ‘Enraged’ in Spain and Greece to the streets of Santiago and Cairo, big movements are now emerging all across the world against the dictatorship of Capital.

A common theme that cuts across all these movements is the extreme outrage at the ruling classes, who after having bankrupted themselves, are now passing on the buck to the youth and working people who have everthing to lose from social security benefits to prospects of long term unemployment, while the the parasitic class of corporate bosses and their stooges are paying themselves hefty pay packages and bonuses.

It is in this context that it is important not only to be enraged and indignant but also the need to build alternative political platforms to challenge Capitalism globally and fight for a fundamental change that is radically different from the present order of things.

Break the power of the banks and multinationals! Fight capitalism – for a socialist alternative to the failed profit-driven system!


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