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Protest in solidarity

August 25th 5 pm Town Hall Bangalore

Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns

Exactly two years ago, one of the worst communal genocide attempts on the Christian community took place in one of the poorest districts of India, Kandhamal of Orissa, this gruesome incident has shaken the conscience of many in this country. Over 100 people including women, disabled, children, Adivasis and Daliths were killed . Three women were gang raped and many were injured. 295 churches were destroyed. Schools, colleges and even medical institutions were not spared. read more

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Police assault in Orissa condemned

State colludes with Multinational

The following protest has been sent to Orissa state authorities and to the anti-POSCO campaign.

We strongly condemn the bloody Orissa state police attacks taking place against the unarmed and peaceful mass protest in Jagatsingpur district. Since January this year thousands of people have been opposing the massive land grab by the South Korean-based steal multinational, POSCO. Thousands of farmers, Adivasis (indigenous people), and fisherpeople have lived in these areas for centuries. The state has no right to force them off their land to make way for this multinational. This action is being taken to allow a giant company to exploit the land and make massive profits. It will not only devastate the lives of thousands of people but will also be responsible for another major environmental disaster in India. read more

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The Great Orissa Land Grab

Stop Posco Now!

The state of Orissa that has seen absolute neglect both under colonialism and after independence, is today one of the most sought after destinations of global capitalism. The so-called “investors” that include national and multinational companies, are not here for any humanitarian reasons but only for profit and to loot and plunder the region’s rich natural resources. Which would cause irreparable damage by destroying livelihoods, displace people, wreck the environment, create joblessness and most importantly destroy the time tested sustainable and self sufficient form of agriculture, Pisciculture and allied industrial activities that is unique to this coastal region made possible by the availability of sweet sand (non-saline) and pure water. read more