Pune Public transport Campaign

Campaign for Affordable & Quality Public Transport

For over a month now, New Socialist Alternative, Pune has been campaigning and protesting against the recent public transport price hike. The 50% hike will hit many ordinary people hard and many in Pune are angry about this.

In our campaigns we have been highlighting on the very notion of a public transport system and it is not about generating profits, but the duty of the local municipality to provide affordable and quality public transport system. We have campaigned on different bus stops throughout the city, interacted with over 1000 people and got petitions signed. read more


Time to Rage Against Sexual Violence, Inequality & Patriarchal Mindset

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2015, New Socialist Alternative in Bangalore participated in protest rally organized by several women’s group in Bangalore in which over 2000 people participated. We also distributed over 1000 leaflets in the rally.

In Pune, our comrades had organized a small meeting on the occasion. We had Prof. Swati Rajan as the main speaker. About 30 people attended the meeting. read more

TCS Layoff

TCS Layoffs & Uncertainty in the Indian IT sector

“IT stands for India tomorrow & BT stands for Bharat Tomorrow” was proclaimed by Atal B Vajpayee, former BJP Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India rephrased the above sentences in 2013 in London and said “IT is India today. BT is not biotechnology, it is Bharat Today. IT and IT equals IT. That means information technology and Indian talent is India tomorrow.”

These rhetoric quotes helped him get applause from the audience; however, today, workers in Information Technology industry are experiencing uncertainty because of a layoff program initiated by the top management in the industry. The following article is regarding the layoff issue in IT Industry, especially in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and written by Raj (name changed), an IT industry employee. read more

Jadavpur Solidarity Protest
West Bengal

Bangalore Protest Against State Terror on Students of Jadavpur University

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The Bengali community (especially students and young people) in Bangalore rose up in solidarity against the recent state violence on students of Jadavpur University. On the 17th of this month, male students were beaten up and girls students molested in a barbaric dead-of-the-night police assault on the students carrying out a peaceful sit-in demonstration. The students were particpating in a non-violent protest demanding an impartial probe into an incident of sexual harrassment of a student at the University earlier last month. An eye-witness account of what happened in Kolkata including the role of goons from Trinamool Congress (TMC) can be found on our website here  read more