Jammu & Kashmir

Silence in the Valley


Becoming a rock-star is a dream many students and youth in India have nowadays. But for the three talented girls in Kashmir Valley, the dream will forever remain a dream. In the backdrop of the fatwa on the first Kashmiri all-girls band – Pragaash, which has hit headlines lately, the girls are today scared for their lives. Dukhataarn-e-Millat – a right wing, vigilante women’s outfit – have called for a social boycott of the band forcing all the three girls to go into hiding. read more


Violence Against women: Interview with Jagadish G Chandra

4picThe following interview with Jagadish G Chandra (New Socialist Alternative CWI-India) was conducted by German section of CWI – Sozialistische Alternative (SAV).

Symptom of a deeply unjust society

In December last year, a student in Delhi was gang raped in a bus by several men and died soon after. Miriam Aachen spoke with Jagadish Chandra from CWI-India about the movement that emerged after this horrific incident and its possible implications. read more