Jammu & Kashmir

Aftermath of an Execution

AFIn what was clearly a political decision, Afzal Guru was hanged on 9th Feb at the infamous Tihar jail in Delhi for his alleged role in the 13th December, 2001 attack on the parliament. Not only was this merely an issue about the merits or de-merits of death penalty, but was a clear case of the Indian State trying to set an example out of Afzal Guru’s execution as a warning to the people of Kashmir. read more


New Socialist intervenes at 8th Vibgyor Film Festival

SJ The 8th edition of VIBGYOR International Film Festival was held at Kerala’s cultural capital, Thrissur, from the 07th to 12th of February 2013. Known to be the largest alternative film festival in South Asia, VIBGYOR engrossed a sizable audience, including youth and renowned film makers.

New Socialist Alternative (CWI -India) intervened at the festival, by setting up a stall and selling our publications. Comrade Siritunga Jayasuriya of United Socialist Party (CWI -Sri Lanka) inaugurated the event with several other guests. read more

Sri Lanka

U N is the agency of Imperialist oppressors

protest_bannerIt is now more than known that the United Nations Organisation is no more than a mere tool of the world oppressors, and they use the “authority” of this so called “neutral & non-partisan” body for PEACE. Around the world all oppressed nationalities have tasted the bitter truth of this white lie.  read more

Jammu & Kashmir

Some questions for comrade Karat on the killing of Afzal Guru: Satya Sivaraman and Manisha Sethi

SYAFThe following article appeared in the Kafila website. The article concerns the statement of the Sitaram Yechury following the recent unjust hanging of Afzal Guru at Tihar jail in Delhi.

While it was sickening to see the grand celebration of this unjust act by the right wing and communal elements, but what was equally despicable was the statement of Sitaram Yechury who said “I think, the law of the land with all its provisions has finally been completed as far as the Afzal Guru case and the attack on the Indian Parliament is concerned. The issue which had been lingering for the past 11 years has finally completed its due course.” read more