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Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu: Local Body Elections

Photo: the Hindu

Tamil Nadu local body election was held on October 17 & 19. This elections happening 5 months after the state assembly election in which the ordinary working people and peasants of Tamil Nadu decisively rejected the corrupt DMK alliance (part of Congress led UPA government at the centre). But in the absence of a genuine political alternative, people had real no choice and had to vote for the Jayalalitha led AIADMK alliance (which scandalously included the communist parties) which is as corrupt, anti worker and pro-right wing. In such a short span of time, AIADMK alliance is already facing a number of problems and all its allies are split away and are contesting alone in this local body elections. read more

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Maruti Workers defiant once again!

Maruti Suzuki Workers Strike is a significant development for the working class as a whole in India, we envision this strike as the beginnings of a new churning that is bound to develop further at an all India level. We the New Socialist Alternative and the CWI will be campaigning for solidarity and support among Trade Unions, fighting organisations and peoples’ movements for the Maruti Suzuki workers struggle through our forces internationally.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Rajapaksa government buys its supporters

British Defence Secretary Fox in trouble

Visits to Sri Lanka by British Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, feature prominently in allegations of malpractice mounting up against him by the hour. We in the Tamil Solidarity campaign are not surprised. For a long time, we have highlighted Fox’s cosy relationship with president Mahinda Rajapaksa. In fact, teams of Tamil Solidarity supporters have distributed thousands of leaflets in Fox’s parliamentary constituency, informing people of this odious connection (see report on Tamil Solidarity website). read more

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15 October: The day of inter-continental resistance

This leaflet published by the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) on the the eve of 15th October, day of International protests and actions involving all the major protest movements across the globe from  ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in New York to ‘Indignad@s’ & ‘Enraged’ in Spain and Greece to the streets of Santiago and Cairo, big movements are now emerging all across the world against the dictatorship of Capital. read more