Beef Fest Chennai
Tamil Nadu

Defend students’ democratic rights and campus democracy!

We strongly condemn the attack on the IIT Madras Scholar Sooraj! The PhD student was thuggishly beaten up for organising a beef-eating protest to resist democratically the authoritarian restrictions of the Modi’s saffron regime over the cattle-trade. While this legislation is a clear breach on the individual liberties such as choice of food, the cattle trade restrictions are also a serious blow to millions and millions of livelihoods; particularly affecting the marginalised communities involved in the retail beef trade, leather industries, tanneries, etc. At the same time this act is not seriously touching upon the multi million dollars worth beef exports by the large slaughter houses run by rich businesses. This shows the hypocrisy of this government while imposing its over arching ‘hindutuva’ agenda of beef ban amongst ordinary people and simultaneously protecting the interests of the big business involved in beef exports. read more

Jallikattu Protest
Tamil Nadu

‘Jallikattu protests’ – People locked horns with the Establishment!

With a gross mishandling in the clearing up of the massive oil spill near the shores of Marina and Ennore and the brutal murder of a dalit girl Nandhini – the Tamil Nadu politics is once again in appalling decay! In addition, the staged power handover to the late Jayalalithaa’s aide and the AIADMK general secretary V.K. Sasikala has again stirred quite a lot of people around. And this is looked down with contempt and disgust by a lot of ordinary people. read more

Jallikattu Protests
Tamil Nadu

Solidarity needed urgently!!!

Stop the state atrocities on the peaceful protesters in Tamil Nadu!

The historic upsurge of the students and the youth which displayed a great show of solidarity, and reflected the aspirations of the significant sections of the Tamil community across the world, to pursue the struggle against the high handed ban against Jallikattu is now brutally suppressed by the state forces. read more

Jayalalitha Death
Tamil Nadu

‘Amma’ Jayalalithaa’s Death – A tumultuous period is opening up in Tamil Nadu

From Sunday evening, it was a tense situation in Chennai with hundreds of police personnel patrolling the roads and streets. The news started to spread the critical health condition of Jayalalithaa who was by then hospitalised for more than 70 days. The city was on high alert. The shops shuttered by Monday evening with some news channels reporting the chief minister’s death. However, it was officially announced, around midnight that the Chief minister Jayalalithaa died on Monday (5.12.16) at 11.30pm. read more

Anti-Nuclear Struggles

India’s Nuclear Submission

The ghastly grin on the Russian President’s face and the subsequent acquiescent mood of the Indian Prime Minister clearly echoes how we have been pledged to the vicious interests of their capitalist gains. The inauguration of 3rd and 4th nuclear reactor units and MOU’s for 5th and 6th units in Kudankulam (in October) shows how the genuine interests of the working people has been quashed mercilessly and the political interests of these state leaders were upheld. read more