May Day
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May Day-2016
Release the Jailed 286 workers facing false charges

Salute the Garment Women Workers of Bangalore

Fight for Rs. 100/-an hour Minimum Wage

Yet again the trade unions of Bangalore city have missed a historic opportunity to have a united May Day programme, especially in the light of the recent heroic (or should we write HEROINIC) and successful sudden strike of Garment Workers, predominantly women, who emphatically defeated the evil capitalist designs of the Modi led Central Government which tried to steal the Provident Fund savings from the working class of this country. read more

Andhra Pradesh

Bauxite Wars: Crony Capitalism in Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh state government has begun attempts to mine Bauxite mineral in the Vishakha Agency area. It has issued a GO (Government Order) No. 97 permitting the APMDC (Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation) to mine Bauxite in 1212 hectares in Jerrela village areas in Chintapalli Mandal. Discussions regarding this issue of bauxite mining have been going on since a decade. The tribals have been protesting against mining with intensity and ferocity. Even the people from the plains in Northern Andhra have been supporting the tribals. read more

Make in India
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Make in India

It is ironic that India after 66 years of Independence is saddled with a villainous regime with exactly the same number of ministers and the Prime Monster(PM) heading it, is none other than a person who successfully engineered and abated a series of blood letting communal pogroms, and yet whitewashed himself and his party with democratic pretensions of wining a majority. read more

IB report
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Uphold Sustainable Development!
Condemn `Foreign Funded’ Destructive Development Promoted by IB!

The following statement, that has been signed by many individual activists and organizations, is in response to the so called leaked Intelligence Bureau (IB) report. This report is a warning sign of things to come and how the right wing, Narendra Modi’s BJP govt. plans to muzzle any form of dissent against the destructive neo-liberal economic policies which is bound to be much more brutal in the coming period. read more

Capitalist Globalisation & India

POSCO: Gov’t may Accept but People Reject

Protest POSCO Project!Since the day in January of this year, Veerappa Moily clearly acting as the agent of Corporate Capitalism, gave environment clearance to South Korea’s Pohang Steel Company to go ahead with the most controversial FDI project involving 56,000 Crores, there has been a drastic turn of events in the struggle against POSCO in Odisha read more