Pakistan: Working class will bring the real change

PakStatement from Socialist Movement Pakistan on recent events in the country

The slogan of “revolution” has been misused so blatantly that it has lost its meaning in the context of the Pakistani politics. Every capitalist, feudal and religious politician in the country wants to bring revolution or a change of system; even the most ardent supporters and allies of the establishment in the country are using the word “revolution” to completely discredit it. They all wanted to protect their class interests and the present system and status-quo. read more


Jingoist Propaganda can lead to War and Destruction of the region

Cartoon: The Hindu
Cartoon: The Hindu

The recent firing at the Line of Control (LOC), demarcating the Indian held Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir or IOK) and Pakistani held Kashmir (Azad Kashmir or POK) has once again brought into focus the fragile peace relations between India and Pakistan. According to a report in The Hindu, what started the current round of escalation in tensions was a seemingly innocuous incident involving a 70 year old women who crossed the LOC in September from the Indian side (at Charonda Village near Uri) to the Pakistani side to be with her sons and thus exposing the porous borders along the heavily militarized zone read more

Anti-Nuclear Struggles

Solidarity statement from Pakistan in support of the Kudankulam anti-nuclear struggle

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi,


Dear Sir,

Common Concerns over Koodankulam Nuclear Power Installations

We the trade union and social activists representing different national organisations in Pakistan as the neighbouring member country of the South Asian Association of Regional Corporation (SAARC), have been paying much attention to the controversy around nuclear power installations across the Palk Straits, in Koodankulam. We fully support this just struggle and the demands of the protesting people. read more

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Release the arrested trade union leaders

Stop terrorising the workers movement

Azam Janjua, organiser TURCP Islamabad and vice president PWFP

The four leaders of a cement factory in Lucky Marwat have been arrested under the Anti-Terrorism Act on 19th September in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province. The police have registered a case against 21 union leaders and activists. The police are trying to arrest the other leaders and activists of the union. read more

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Editorial: India and Pakistan conflict

Politicians use terrorism for their own ends

Once again, terrorist carnage – this time in Mumbai in India – has shocked working people around the world. In a thoroughly planned and financed operation, a group of right-wing Islamic terrorists turned buildings and streets in Mumbai into a killing field, slaughtering and injuring innocent people, with dozens of Muslims among them. read more