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Garment Industry :Special Exploitation Zone


The garment industry in Bangalore with about 1200 registered units employing over a half a million workforce and one of the biggest sources of exports in the country, but hardly is there any mention in the media on the living and working conditions of the workers who are the real makers of some of the  top brand clothing in the world. read more

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Call Centres and ‘Outsourcing’: The New Satanic Mills

There are 5,500 UK call centres employing 400,000 workers, many of whom have no union representation and work in appalling conditions. These workers are now threatened with “off-shoring” or “out-sourcing”.

Dave Moody, from Taunton Socialist Party explains how this workforce can be organised to fight for job security and better pay and working conditions. read more

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Special Exploitation Zones

World Social Forum: Workers Speak Out

AS WE reported in last week’s issue of the socialist, over 120,000 people, mainly from the Indian sub-continent and other Asian countries, attended the fourth World Social Forum in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Members of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI – the international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated), have sent these reports and interviews with workers who attended. read more