Leadership Crisis in AAP & Fissures within

Leadership Crisis in AAP

It is indeed very disappointing to see the experiment of finding a party precisely for “Grass Roots Democracy” facing serious issues of personality clashes in the very first month since its spectacular victory in the Delhi assembly elections. While many on the left and progressive circles welcomed AAP’s victory as a halting influence to the blatantly communal BJP led by Modi which was winning one after another crucial elections since its pyrrhic victory in Lok Sabha elections last May.

But with the removal of Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from key positions, the right wing within Aam Admi Party stands further strengthened and consolidated. It in a way, points the direction that AAP may take in relation to many issues ranging from its promises on subsidies, transparency and accountability, the questions that seemed to separate this new formation from the rest of the Bourgeois Political Spectrum in this country.

While Marxists/Socialists under the banner of New Socialist Alternative, will refuse to join the
right-wing chorus which is rejoicing the predicament of AAP and saying that “we told you so” slogans. We recognise and sympathise, the utter disappointment of its young “volunteer” base which may feel shattered given its great expectations to the extent of anticipating a revolution in Indian politics.

Some of AAP’s ideologues had claimed that their ideology was Post-Ideology, which is what makes the party as a “Party of Difference”, this assertion was fundamentally erroneous, the quarters from which the negation of Class & Caste emerged to the point of ignoring it. India like any other country is a land of Classes, and the particularity here is the question of Castes which pre-supposes class and overlaps the category of labouring classes. One can not wish it away or push it under the carpet. Another important factor that puts AAP in the same mould as other main stream political parties is its mishmash take on the Nationality Question, which is one of the crucial factors apart Class & Caste in identifying a political force and its possible journey.

But, all is not lost, the youth especially the formally “educated”, though coming from varied understandings and backgrounds have woken up, the quest for alternatives will march on and a genuine political alternative, based on the fundamental questions facing this land mass called India will be built. In that quest, the youth & the labouring classes and castes will find their answers in principles of Democratic Socialism to which New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India) has its unflinching adherence.

Jagadish G Chandra