Uphold Sustainable Development!
Condemn `Foreign Funded’ Destructive Development Promoted by IB!

IB report

The following statement, that has been signed by many individual activists and organizations, is in response to the so called leaked Intelligence Bureau (IB) report. This report is a warning sign of things to come and how the right wing, Narendra Modi’s BJP govt. plans to muzzle any form of dissent against the destructive neo-liberal economic policies which is bound to be much more brutal in the coming period.

This can’t be taken lying low, it has to be confronted head on, nowhere in the world the right-wing forces have been thwarted or defeated by muteness or business as usual approach, a concerted and united offensive is what is required.

‘National Security’ is a very dangerously loaded weapon, combined with it the loss to GDP angle could be a weapon of mass destruction as that section of the polity which is heavily drunk with twenty years of neo-liberlaism wants more growth intoxication and could be used very effectively in the coming period to create the “PUBLIC OPINION” against any questioning that will come from the radical sections of the population.

It may be the few NGO activists today, tomorrow they will find justification to attack any body and every body with an attitude of radical thought on behalf of the vulnerable, marginalised, impoverished majority in this land mass called India.

The guiding principle on which one needs to organise and mobilise is ‘AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL’, let us close ranks, this shall not pass, may be the time has come to put in use the vast amount of skills of mass mobilisation that all of us collectively have acquired.