India’s human rights violations raised in EU parliament

In Shining India Human Rights gets murkier!

The convener of Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns-Bangalore (India) and the international spokesperson of Posco Prathirodh Sangram Samithi (anti-Posco Struggle) Jagadish G Chandra will be speaking at the hearing in the European Parliament on the topic: The rise of national conflicts and religious tensions in Asia and Africa-Strategies for conflict prevention in the 21st Century- a crucial challenge for social, trade union and women’s movement on 8th December 2010. This hearing is organised by the European United Left, a group of 35 Left members of the European Parliament across Europe.

Jagadish G Chandra will be highlighting the issues of Army Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and its devastating effects on the Human Rights situation in the North East especially on the people of Manipur, Jammu & Kashmir. He will also be focussing on Kandhamal Riot victims and the issue of rising communalism, and the issues of displacement of people arising out of the land grab of POSCO, Vedanta and other neo-liberal offensive of the Indian state.