May Day 2012 – Bangalore

On May Day 2012, New Socialist Alternative – Bangalore Branch (CWI-India) intervened with a Kannada leaflet in meetings, demonstrations and also tried to reach out to the working people across the city.

Our leaflet highlighted, with a satiric comment, growing disparity between the working people and the elite, which is no better than it was 65 years before independence. With movements such as the Occupy Wall Street that have starkly brought out the disparity between the 99% majority against 1% super rich minority, the situation in India is no different. The income gap between the CEO’s of companies and Lok Sabha members as against the 83.6 crore people of India who earn not more than Rs.20 a day is something that the Indian ruling class wish to simply brush aside. Corruption is the other face of Capitalism and so we cannot dismiss corruption without rooting out capitalism.

Early in the morning comrades of New Socialist Alternative started distribution of leaflets to people in various places, colonies and bus stations of Bangalore city. There were of course various other trade unions, political parties, and political organizations and left leaning associations taking part in mass public meetings and rallies.

In sum, it was an overwhelmingly active day for the members of Bangalore branch (who took part in the leaflet distribution), given the little resources available and most of our student & youth comrades busy in their curriculum’s, we did our best to articulate ideas through our leaflets in the prevailing circumstances.

Azhar Khan