Repeal AFSPA now!

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Why wait for getting into power in the State again?!

Firstly it is a Central Govt. issue, secondly Prime Minister Singh, as early as in 2004, made a definite promise to the people of Manipur,that the AFSPA would be repealed, and even set up the Jivan Reddy Commission to look into the issue, the Commission gave a categorical report recommending the repeal of the draconian law, that report is lying in cold storage.

Thirdly even the present govt. is a Congress led one in the state. Topping it all, it is the overwhelming demand, desire and aspiration of the people of not just the state of Manipur, but of the entire North East.

An extraordinary fighter; Sharmila Irom Chanu is on a fast for the last dozen years, 134 months which is 4020 days on a single point demand ‘REPEAL AFSPA’

The whole supplication to say that, “we (the Congress) would be different , if we come to power again” stinks of utter opportunism.

Mr. Prime Minister and the Congress Party, if you are really sincere, it is a presidential decree that is needed to repeal AFSPA not just an election promise.

Do not play games with the lives of the people. Nation is not its inanimate Borders, Nation is essentially its people. Recognise this and repeal AFSPA NOW!!

The comrades and activists in Manipur and the North East should immediately start a vigorous campaign to demand the repeal now. Face Book posts, twitter, petition in causes should pour in at an all India level.
All the Solidarity groups in relation to Sharmila and AFSPA should immediately start a campaign in all the State Capitals with days of action and events and petitions to build the pressure on Congress and the other political parties who just pay lip sympathy to the issue.

It is crucial that we hammer the iron when it is hot, turn the opportunism of Congress to an opportunity to get the obnoxious, draconian AFSPA repealed.

Jagadish G Chandra


Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns- Bangalore

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