All India Bandh – Pune Branch Intervention

On 27th sept. 2021 there was a nationwide call for the bandh by the peasant organizations who have been protesting for 10 months now. The protest against 3 farm laws has been one of the longest and sustained struggles in recent history. New Socialist Alternative has been supporting and actively participating in the struggle through various forms. Through our material, we have been pushing forward ideas to spread take this struggle to other sections of peasantry and also connect it to the working-class struggle.

On the day of Bandh, we took this opportunity to take this struggle to workers and connect with their demands. We’ve been intensively working with construction workers for at least the last 8 months now. On 27th Sept, we visited the “Naka” where hundreds of construction workers assemble each day in search of work. We carried out demonstrations there supporting the cause of the peasant’s struggle. Through our speeches and leaflet, we also pointed out how this government was acting as an agent of the capitalist class at the cost of the interests of not just peasants, but also unorganized workers like construction workers. Our Comrades emphasized how important it was to be organized and how working masses need to stand together. Around 100 workers present in Naka joined us in the demonstration, singing songs and shouting slogans.


New Socialist Alternative (Pune)