No to Purandar Airport- People vow to fight for every inch of land

Pune Airport Protest

Land acquisition for a new Pune airport is always a burning issue in the politics of Pune city. Since last six years, the government has tried to acquire land near Chkan village of Pune to build airport. But they have failed to do so.

Recently, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis declared that the proposal of airport is now shifted from Chakan village to Purandar district. According to this new proposal, land acquisition of nearly about 7 villages is required. Since then people of these villages have been protesting against this land acquisition. During Diwali festival, women from these villages had even used ‘rangolis’ in front of their houses as protest signs against the airport. They have put black flags on their houses and are very politically conscious as they know that they will not get any benefit from it. They are aware that their livelihood will be completely destroyed if their land is acquired.

They had given a call of protest in March against this proposal. In this protest march four of our comrades had taken part. Recently news had come that 3 villages are excluded from this proposal and government will be doing land acquisition of 4 villages first.

We are planning to do a solidarity campaign to support these peasants in their struggle against this pro-corporate government. We are also planning to form a broad platform with different organisations from Pune to take this struggle forward.