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Protest staged over brutal attacks by Israel on Gaza strip End the attacks, End the siege of Gaza

As Israel continues to recklessly attack Gaza strip, thousands of Palestinian citizens have already lost their lives. New Socialist Alternative with other concerned organizations held protest on Friday (27th Oct) in Pune. This was the second protest that we organized. First one was held on 13th Oct.

The key intension of protest was to denounce Israeli attacks and express support to Palestinian resistance. But it was also intended to condemn the propaganda by right wing in India of spreading hatred against Muslim community. “While we condemn the attacks by Hamas, that can not be used as a pretext to further wage hostilities against Palestinians. Israel has always acted with impunity backed by imperialist powers like US. The bloody struggle that has spanned over more than 8 decades, demonstrates how capitalism has brought the perpetual misery to millions failing the humanity.” said comrade B. Youvraj at the protest. We demanded immediate end of attacks and also the siege of Gaza. Earlier this year people of Israel had put up strong resistance and pushed back Netanyahu government in its bid to further centralize power. Current phase of the crisis may see the right wing tendencies getting stronger for the time being. The working class of the Israel may in future again resume its struggle against such policies of government. Other comrades condemned the propaganda launched by BJP to further spread hate against Muslims. Many slogans and songs of solidarity and peace were sung. Young activists of organization sung Inquilab song and people on the street joined them giving chorus to this revolutionary song. read more