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India: Huge ‘bad debt’ write-off for big business revealed

Image: Flikr/Wikimedia commons
A recent report that an enormous amount of taxpayers money is being used to bail out the bad debts of the super-rich has shocked workers and the poor in India, while the Modi government is refusing to spend enough to save lives during the covid-19 crisis. As this news emerged in response to RTI (right to information) query, the lives of the majority of workers and poor are devastated by the corona crisis, and many face starvation. read more


India: Fighting the curse of capitalism and coronavirus

As is the case the world over, the coronavirus crisis has exposed all the inadequacies, incapacities, and the insoluble contradictions of India’s capitalist state. In popular terminology, India is labelled a “democracy” because the world’s ruling class wants people to believe that their system is thriving and going forward in every corner of the globe.
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