Solidarity With Kandhamal (Part 3)

Video: Kandhamal Solidarity Day Series

The following video series is a appeal for Kandhamal Solidarity Day on 25th August of this month that is being organized by Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns – Bangalore (that includes the New Socialist Alternative CWI-India). Includes solidarity appeals By Fr. Ambrose Pinto (Principal – St Aloysius College, Bangalore), Bharath Raj Patta (Students Christian Movement of India), Narasimha Murthy (advocate & activist from Bangalore), Ruth Manorama (well known Dalit activist) and Jagadish G Chandra (CWI-India) read more


Is the Conspiracy Complete?

Abrogating the concept of Planning is a disaster that is coming to hit the poor very hard. Yes, the word Planning in the Indian economy stood on its head and did everything opposite what it was supposed to do.

Mind you, the earlier Indian policy makers, greatly influenced by the spectacular economic strides that were being made by the former Soviet Union through Soviet Five Year Plans (however bureaucratically mismanaged) in tackling poverty, famine and the after effects of war with the 21 armies of Imperialist countries, did choose the concept of Five Year Plans & Planning Commission, to tackle the enormous economic and social disparities in our society. read more