IB report
Capitalist Globalisation & India

Uphold Sustainable Development!
Condemn `Foreign Funded’ Destructive Development Promoted by IB!

The following statement, that has been signed by many individual activists and organizations, is in response to the so called leaked Intelligence Bureau (IB) report. This report is a warning sign of things to come and how the right wing, Narendra Modi’s BJP govt. plans to muzzle any form of dissent against the destructive neo-liberal economic policies which is bound to be much more brutal in the coming period. read more


‘People’s World Cup’ -YES
Say NO to FIFA Mafia

Down with FIFA Mafia-Down Down Down Down!

‘People’s World Cup’ Occupation- Zindabad, Zindabad!

MTST- Roofless Workers Movement of Brazil-Zindabad, Zindabad!

These above chants of slogans against FIFA Mafia was at its highest pitch despite the small number of protesters because of the incessant rain that came our way. There were about 20 people, women & men who braved the weather and joined the solidarity protest in support of the ‘People’s World Cup ‘ Occupation at Itaquera in Brazil. read more


Victory For $15 In Seattle!

$15Now!How Socialists Built a Winning Movement

Seattle is the first major city to pass a $15/hr minimum wage. One hundred thousands workers will be lifted out of poverty and millions will be inspired all over the country and around the world. On June 2nd Seattle’s City Council voted unanimously to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15/hr. Starting April 1, 2015 all workers in big businesses like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Macy’s and Target will see an immediate increase to $11 an hour, and by 2025 all workers will be making a minimum of $18 an hour. Altogether it is estimated that Seattle businesses will have to pay their workers an additional $3 billion in wages over the next ten years! This demonstrates that “struggle pays,” that ordinary people can take on the biggest corporations in the world and win, when we organize and fight back. read more