Pakistan: Chaotic ruling class, determined religious militants and suffering masses

PaktalibanNo end to violence in sight

As the killing and maiming of innocent civilians mounted in recent months, so did the rhetoric of negotiation from some parts of the government and the Imran-Khan-led PTI party. The logic, ostensibly, was that the scourge of terrorism cannot be eliminated by force alone so we need to talk. The likes of Ch. Nisar, Federal Interior Minister and PML-N leader and Imran Khan managed to tap into the legacy of General Zia-ul-Haq which lingers in the consciousness of the masses, that as long as someone is raising the slogan of Islam, they deserve some respect from our side. So the strategy was constructed: we will negotiate with the Taliban. read more


Ukraine: Yanukovich deposed

ukraineThe latest developments in the Ukraine saw the dramatic overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovich and his flight from Kiev. Mass discontent at grinding poverty and a corrupt, brutal regime finally erupted into a revolt in Kiev and many parts of Ukraine last November.

But the lack of a working class alternative allowed reactionary forces, with western imperialist backing, to dominate the protest movement. As a new pro-western regime is being consolidated, ethnic divisions dangerously deepen among the 46 million-strong population. read more