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Capitalist Globalisation & India

Rights of Indian People in Danger! Defend Democratic Rights!!

Jagadish G Chandra addressing the Protest

People’s Solidarity Concerns – Bangalore (which includes the New Socialist Alternative CWI-India) organized a meeting on 28th April followed by a protest at Town hall (well known protest point in Bangalore) on the theme of “Rights of Indian People in Danger”. Speakers included Abhay Sahoo (CPI leader and also leader of the anti-POSCO movement – ), Leo Saldanha (Environmental Support Group), Balan from the AITUC (CPI affiliated union) and two women activists from the anti-Koodankulam struggle – Sundari and Xavieramma. The meeting was chaired by the noted documentary film-maker and radical activist – K P Sasi. The meeting was attended by more than 100 people. read more

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Dear friends,

Post globalization era in India is going through rapid transformation in many ways. While the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer, India’s land, water, forests and mineral resources are being sold to the corporate world in a major way. Lives & livelihoods of the majority of the people of this country is getting threatened and many have been destroyed. Through this disastrous and reckless process a major invasion on the environment of this subcontinent is unleashed, threatening the lives of all future generations and all the fragile species. read more

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Capitalist Globalisation & India

Abhay Sahoo on “Present Stage of Struggles in India”

In a meeting organized by Indian Social Institute, Bangalore on 24th April, Abhay Sahoo (CPI member and leader of the anti-POSCO movement in Odisha) spoke on the present stage of struggles in India today. Abhay Sahoo is on a solidarity tour in South India, which also includes amongst others, a solidarity visit to anti-Koodankulam struggle area in Southern Tamil Nadu. read more

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Anti-Nuclear Struggles

No to Kudankulam Nuclear Plant, if they say it is SEDITIOUS, so be it.

The following write-up, that appeared in, is a personal account by S P Udayakumar, the convener of the Peoples’ Movement against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), who is spearheading the protest against the nuclear plant in Koodankulam.

It has now become amply clear that the Indian state has been lying right-left and centre on the issue of Nuclear Plants in this country. In the light of yesterday’s 8.7 Richter scale earth quake which was felt in the entirety of Indian Ocean, it is now more than obvious that the trained & handsomely paid liars employed by the Indian state, the so called scientists are far from truth that the Earth Quakes of the magnitude of 2004 which triggered the devastating Tsunami won’t happen again in the near future. It is also clear that the site of the Kudankulam plant is very unsafe for such a conspicuous risk. read more

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Top leaders of Frontline Socialist Party abducted on eve of Inaugural Convention

Appeal for international protests

CWI reporters in Sri Lanka

On the night of 6-7 April, two of the most prominent leaders of a new left party in Sri Lanka were forcibly abducted, just two days before the launching of their party – the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP). There is no trace of them to date and huge anger is rising at the attitude of the Rajapakse regime. It has washed its hands of the incident and the police force has moved extremely slowly to make even a pretence of investigating what happened. read more